One step ahead.

Reach tomorrow’s executive more directly than ever before.

With Druckster you are one step away from the high potentials of tomorrow. Make an impression as an attractive employer during your studies.

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Direct Targeting

Direct targeting allows you to reach highly qualified students directly for internships and job offers. Selected by university and degree programme.

Actively address students

Don’t wait until graduates come looking for you. Start actively approaching your relevant target group now in order to convince them of your company.

First Mover

Reach qualified students one step earlier. Already during their studies you can become visible as an attractive employer.

Support study success

With Druckster you provide active support for the learning success of students. 94% of our users say that they could study better with Druckster.

Our goal with Druckster.

Win-Win for students and companies.

With Druckster, we have set ourselves the goal of making study life a little easier. In times of constant digital distractions, it is not surprising that paper has remained the most popular learning tool for students – and is even increasing in relevance.
We have been able to inspire thousands of students and the number is growing every day.

From a student’s point of view.

Students are happy about relevant job offers and actively inform themselves about the companies advertising – this was shown by our user survey (June 2018).


are happy about job offers and internships in the printed material.


actively inform themselves about companies advertising 


could study more effectively with Druckster. Support student success!


say that they would recommend Druckster to fellow students.

Study material as an effective communication medium.

Printed study material is read much more attentively than other digital and traditional media, such as social media or classic print products. With an exciting job offer or a creative campaign idea, you have the opportunity to reach students at the highest level of attention. Seize this opportunity!

Our advertising space.

Branding Banner

Your freely designable company banner is placed on the study material in order to spread your employer brand among students in the long term.

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Job offer / Internship

Selected students can see their job offers and internships on a full page. Directly to the right job or internship from studying!

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Title page

The title page is seen first and has the longest lasting advertising effect. Here you can place branding messages as well as job offers.

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The most important factors.


How does Druckster reach students?

Students use Druckster to print their study material, summaries, slides, and academic articles. We place your ad directly on the print documents, where students see it with a much higher attention span than in digital or more traditional media.


What targeting options are there?

You can choose your relevant target audience by city, university, and course of study (study program). This allows you to make sure that qualified candidates see your job offers, which effectively boosts your success rate.


Why is Druckster a highly effective medium?

Documents printed through Druckster are typically used for an entire semester. Students read them with more concentration than other forms of media (like social media), which allows you to make a long-lasting impression with your employer brand