Reaching students more effectively.

Smart marketing, employer branding and recruiting.

With Druckster you can combine the effectiveness of traditional print marketing with the flexibility of digital marketing. You can reach students more directly and more effectively than previously.

Directly on the study material.

Study material accompanies students over multiple weeks – on average a document is read 3.85 times. The advertising impact is longer lasting and more effective than with other media.

You can reach students while studying while they are highly attentive rather than overwhelming them with advertisement.

Ad formats

Effective product marketing.

If students are a part of your target group Druckster can support your existing campaigns or be used as an independent channel.

Druckster can reach exactly the target audience since only students can use our service.

Marketing with Druckster

HR opportunities with Druckster.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. With Druckster you can target these future executives and put yourself in a position of a company that people want to work for.

We enable students to find their dream job while they are still at school. Be part of it and start recruiting tomorrow’s high potentials today.

HR Opportunities

What sets us apart?

Long lasting advertising impact.

Your target group will spend an entire semester working intensively with the study material.

No wastage.

Druckster’s targeting allows you to reach your target group. And only your target group!

Higher effectiveness. 

The thoroughness of media use is higher with study material than with any other medium.

Positive image.

Students appreciate your support, which is what makes Druckster possible in the first place.


The perfect advertising format for your marketing goals.


Front page

The front page is seen first and offers the opportunity to accommodate larger content.

1/2 page horizontal

195 x 150 mm

Data format: PDF / JPG / PNG

Price: on request

(dependent on order size)

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Advertise alongside the study content. Your ads are seen regularly and repeatedly.

Banner horizontal

195 x 25 mm

Data format: PDF / JPG / PNG

Price: on request

(dependent on order size)

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Full page

Use the whole page for your message. Placed directly in the students document.

1/1 page

195 x 282 mm

Data format: PDF / JPG / PNG

Price: on request

(dependent on order size)

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About our target group.

As you know, students are a target group in high demand. During a time of opinion-forming you can leave a strong impression and create long-term brand loyalty.

Students are regarded as the opinion leaders and trendsetters of today and tomorrow. With Druckster you as a brand are part of the everyday life of the students and can place your products memorably.


In comparison to other advertising channels.

Compared to traditional print advertising, Druckster’s content comes from the students themselves. These are highly relevant study materials. Therefore, your advertising is read at a high level of attention, which is rarely the case with traditional print advertising.

Social media advertising is often not seen at all due to ad blockers or is dismissed from view with a click or swipe. With Druckster, your advertising has a much longer effect.

The study material is used over a long period of time and is repeatedly viewed – thus your advertising message remains visible for a long time.


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